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Women in Innovation: Strategic Marketing Plan for 2021 - are we ready?

This event is for companies doing innovation that want to develop their marketing strategy - please only register for this event if you work for a company doing innovation.

Learn how you will attract and retain business through outlining areas of new product development and annual budgets with a strategic marketing plan to help you outline where you are, what you want to achieve and present the road map for how.

Join Dr Giulia Sirigu from Inventya / EEN and Mercè Cozens from Think Beyond to talk about your Marketing Plans for 2021. We will discuss where you are currently, where you'd like to be in 2021 and what you, as a business, want to achieve with your marketing strategy.


10.00 am – Opening

10.05 am – Introductions from Dr Giulia Sirigu (Inventya / EEN) - Women in Innovation and EEN support . Considerations on marketing and strategy

10.25 am – Think Beyond presents part 1 – Marketing Strategy for 2021: why strategy.

10.45 am – Breakout room

10.55 am – Think Beyond presents part 2 – Strategic Marketing Plan and Audit

11.25 am – Inventya Open discussion: where you are and what you want to achieve.

11:45 am – Think Beyond presents part 3 – Marketing Activities: how to achieve it.

12.20 pm – Think Beyond concludes Roadmap: marketing goals for 2021

12.25 pm – Q&A

12.30 pm – End