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1. Accelerate decision-making with a real-time financial assessment of your business

Having to rely on year-old company accounts hampers lenders and investors’ decision-making. Developed using CRIF’s Open Banking and Moody’s Analytics, our solution helps you provide funders with a more accurate real-time analysis of your business’s financial standing, leading to faster decisions and potentially better terms.

2. Maximise your business credit limit with accurate projections.

Presenting realistic financial projections is essential to demonstrate your capability to meet return targets. Our experts will help you prepare a detailed financial model including solid, data-backed cash flow projections that can stand out from the scrutiny of lenders and investors.

3. Create a comprehensive plan in a few steps

The next step is to present convincingly your financial plan to risk-averse lenders and investors, alongside a solid strategy. The result is an expert-guided, evidence-based presentation of your business’s financial health and strategic goals showcasing its potential to lenders and investors. All achieved in a few steps.

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