Innovate UK Scaleup Programme

We are the lead delivery partner for Innovate UK's Scaleup Programme.

The Programme Vision

The Innovate UK Scaleup Programme is specifically designed to make the UK the best place to grow and scale innovative businesses.

Providing one-to-one bespoke and fully funded support centred around specific scaleup needs, the Scaleup Programme aims to make the UK a true scaleup nation.

Funded by Innovate UK
The programme is fully funded by Innovate UK as part of their initiative to scaleup innovative UK businesses.
Delivered by the EEN
The programme is delivered by the Enterprise Europe Network who exist to help UK companies scale into Europe.
Supported by Inventya
The programme is supported by Inventya. Our expert team will guide you through, and help you get the most value from, the Scaleup programme.

How will the Scaleup Programme support your growth journey?

Expertise, Knowledge & Connections
You’ll have full access to the breadth of our Scaleup Board, where expertise, knowledge and connections are shared and utilised to help your business grow.
Intensive, Customised Support
Based on need, with appropriate time allocation - the Scaleup programme supports you every step of the way and your support time is not limited or restricted to a set number of days.
Bespoke Action
Working with a dedicated Scaleup director, the key barriers to scaling will be identified and discussed, leading to a bespoke action plan being agreed and actioned.

Our Board of Scaleup Experts

The Scaleup Board is made up of over 20 Scaleup Directors and 8 Advisors. Below is the list of the Scaleup Board members who work for Inventya, this is not exhaustive, and when you enrol in the programme you’ll have access to every single valuable member of our impressive and experienced Scaleup Team.
Aldo De Leonibus
Scaleup Director
James Doherty
Scaleup Director
Jim Tunstall
Scaleup Programme Director
Neil Donald
Scaleup Director
Steve Smith
Scaleup Director
Viney Chauhan
Scaleup Director

How do I join the Scaleup Programme?

1. Application

An initial telephone call with a Scaleup Director to discuss your strategic growth plans, and the programmes’ specific value added support. This will be followed with the completion of an Expression Of Interest (EOI) form.

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2. Evaluation by Scaleup Board

Our expert board will then evaluate all expressions of interest for eligibilty on the Scaleup Programme. If applicable, a site visit will subsequently be arranged with your Scaleup Director.

3. 'Deep Dive' site visit

During the site visit we will get to know more about your business and start mapping out your detailed Scaleup aspirations and challenges.

4. Scaleup Board final evaluation

After the visit your Scaleup Director will present your company to the rest of the board, to determine if you have been accepted onto the programme.

5. Implementation

If your application is successful, you will be assigned an Account Manager to develop and deliver your bespoke support action plan.

The programme in numbers

"The Scaleup Programme has been fundamental in getting our heads around what we need to grow our business."

Martin Leeming, CEO

"Being on the Scaleup Programme will benefit us in several ways. We need to continue to develop our R&D capacity which will require further funding rounds. Our younger executive team need to develop their management skills and capabilities - their talent needs to be mentored."

Brendan Nel, CEO

"Aside from capital, our other need is management. This is another aspect where we benefit from being on the Scaleup Programme."

"The Scaleup Programme has given Fast2Fibre a realistic chance to deliver real value to shareholders and to achieve trading objectives."

Paul Hughes, Chairman

"The EEN helped open the doors that we would have found difficult as a small company– and we’ve not had to pay anything for that."

"We are looking to develop global strategic partnerships, and EEN has been able to do that for us."

"Being part of the Scaleup Programme is a great badge of honour."

Tom Dawes, CEO
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The Scaleup Programme is one of a number of programmes delivered by Inventya through Innovate UK. See more of our Funded & Growth support or have a conversation with one of our Scaleup Directors.
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