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  • Leverage Zoho tools and expert guidance to scale your business efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Discover customised tech solutions from CRM to custom app development with Zoho Creator, ensuring solutions perfectly fit your unique business needs.
  • Gain insights from certified Zoho consultants, who have proven experience in leveraging Zoho solutions for business growth.
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Why Should You Partner with Inventya for Zoho Implementation?

Leveraging Zoho, Inventya has experienced significant growth, expanding from 40 to 90 team members and nearly tripling our turnover. Our expert guidance is grounded in real success, ensuring your business's seamless integration with Zoho solutions.

Proven Growth Partner

Benefit from half a day of free consultancy from a team that has firsthand experience in scaling with Zoho, alongside $100 in wallet credit if you sign up through us.

Complimentary Consultancy and Affiliate Benefits

With certified consultants on our team, Inventya assures credible and knowledgeable guidance for your Zoho product needs.

Certified and Experienced Consultants

We don’t just implement technology; we use it as a strategic tool for business expansion. We provide customised technology advisory services, focusing on strategic solutions for business challenges.

Strategic Business Growth with Zoho

Zoho Solutions We Recommend

Integrated Business Processes with Zoho CRM

Our successful integration of Zoho CRM has been crucial in managing and understanding customer interactions during our expansion. We bring this expertise to ensure your CRM implementation is just as effective.

Enhanced Customer Service via Zoho Desk

We have effectively utilised Zoho Desk to manage and improve our customer interactions. We share our insights to help you elevate your client support system.

Insightful Business Analysis with Zoho Analytics

Use Zoho Analytics to gain valuable insights into your business operations. We assist in integrating this tool for informed decision-making, a key factor in our own operations.

Custom Solutions with Zoho Creator

Benefit from our hands-on experience in using Zoho Creator for bespoke applications, enhancing client journey management and operational efficiency.

Efficient Lead Management with Zoho

Drawing on our experience of managing rapid growth, we can help you to optimise the Zoho's Leads Module to efficiently categorise and convert prospects.

Zoho Campaigns for Expanded Reach

Learn from our success in utilising Zoho Campaigns to effectively broaden market reach. We guide you through strategic campaign configurations for maximum impact.


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