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Our Mission

We are working to create an equitable future where anyone, regardless of gender and ethnicity, has the same opportunities to innovate and build a better world for everyone.


In 2016 only 14%, or 1 in 7 Innovate UK applications were led by women
*data from Innovate UK

Since 2016 there has been an increase of 70% in applications led by women

There is still work to be done!

We are continuing to empower
female entrepreneurs

Inventya have partnered with Innovate UK, KTN and the Enterprise Europe Network to provide bespoke support for female entrepreneurs in the North West and across the country.

“I worked for many years researching and developing projects focused on gender, trade and inclusion and when I started working at Inventya I understood that there was scope and necessity for action in these fields.

In the UK only 1 in 3 entrepreneurs is female: a gender gap equivalent to ~1.1 million missing businesses and at Inventya we support innovators to develop their ideas and grow, encouraging them to think out of the box and succeeding doing so.

It is an ongoing privilege to work with and support some amazing women working in the most  innovative fields.”

Giulia Sirigu - Innovation Consultant

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