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Fund Her North

June 2, 2021

Giulia Sirigu
Senior innovation and growth specialist

Dr Giulia Sirigu, who leads the delivery of Innovate UK EDGE Women in Innovation workshops and seminars in the North of England, is an active member of Fund Her North, a collective that tackles the many barriers facing women accessing investment.

Giulia will be part of the Fund Her North event on the 22nd of July ‘Fund Her North: Preparing for growth in a post-Covid world.’

Alison Ettridge will be speaking at the event - the CEO of Talent Intuition, a winner of the Women in Innovation Award and one of the companies that are part of the Scaleup Programme and supported by Innovate UK EDGE’s Innovation and Global Growth support.

This event invites successful female entrepreneurs to share their outlooks on how to build back stronger after Covid.

Who are Fund Her North?

Fund Her North is a collective of over 28 women with combined investment power over £450m in the North of England. Fund Her North provides a support community for women entrepreneurs.

Whether they are just starting or looking to scale their business, Fund Her North is a unique community of vocal, influential women investors and successful, inspirational entrepreneurs, united to tackle the many barriers facing women accessing investment.

Fund Her North exists to give Northern, female entrepreneurs equal access to funding to successfully scale their businesses. They do this by providing connections, education, and by holding their hands through the fund-raising process. The aim of the collective is to support women founders through every stage of their growth journey, through start up, to scaleup and exit.

Fund Her North is the only organisation of its kind in the UK to bring together women VCs, funders and angel groups in this way to support female founders.

Fund Her North values

Approachability - Fund Her North understand that it can be tough to find the confidence to approach investors, and that perceived biases can stop us from realising our potential. The collective is approachable and open to help and connect women entrepreneurs in the ecosystem, signposting the right level of support.

Volume – Fund Her North won’t stay silent on issues that are important to women entrepreneurs. Fund Her North’s collective voice is used to speak for women when it comes to driving for change in the investment industry.  

Openness – Fund Her North is committed to driving for positive change. The collective pledges to be open and share data to demonstrate Fund Her North impact, drive change and influence decisions.

Join the event “Fund Her North: Preparing for growth in a post-Covid world” on the 22th July 2021, registering at this link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/152876165727

June 2, 2021
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