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Patent Box

Patent Box is a UK Government Tax Relief scheme through HMRC. If your company has IP rights, exclusive IP licenses, or receives IP income, you could benefit from reduced Corporation Tax of 10% on associated profits. 
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Eligible companies..

Are liable for corporation tax
Own or exclusively license patents
Make profit from patented inventions
Have revenue from: patented products; products with patented components; sale of patents; license fees & royalties from patents; and compensation income from infringement of owned rights

What we do

Free advice on eligibility
Assess costs & profits from your IP-related income
Prepare Patent Box calculation for your tax return
Prepare Patent Box report for your tax return
Consider your IP income alongside your R&D Spend

Our unique service

Only pay our fee once your rate is lowered
Once paid, we can credit you with a voucher
Vouchers can be used against our other services
Combine this service with our R&D Tax Credit service

"Metis came across an opportunity to develop an Augmented Reality solution for an existing customer during product trials. During product development, we became aware of existing patents that covered the use of this technology in our industry, but had no idea how to investigate existing patents and what they covered. Inventya, through the Innovate2Succeed programme, gave us a guided search for patents in the AR technology that we were interested in, and showed us what patents existed and where they were protected. They then gave advice on what our next steps should be. We decided not to pursue this technology –  and I feel that discovering this early on saved us many wasted hours."

Martin Griffiths, Technical Director
Metis Automation

"Working with Inventya is always an enjoyable and productive experience. Their knowledge around R&D tax claims in particular has been exceptional. Our total claim value to date has been in excess of £30,000 and we look forward to working with them again on this years’ claim. Thoroughly happy to recommend the business and its services.”

Phil Birss, MD
Elephant Digital

"Inventya were at the heart of LIG’s R&D Tax Relief claim. As a partner, they were fully engaged with our business, and were confident and efficient throughout. We recovered over £40,000 in credit from HRMC and we have reinvested this into product development. "

Alex Sheppard, CEO
LIG Biowise
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