Heather Wright
Innovate UK Business Growth Scaleup Director

Heather brings an extensive 25-year track record of hands-on experience at board level, driving the development and management of growing companies. Best known as the former Director of Partner Content at Aardman Animations, she played a pivotal role in the company's transformative journey from a small animation production company to becoming one of the UK's largest independent global film studios.

In her subsequent roles as an Independent Consultant and an Innovate UK Innovation Growth Specialist, Heather has leveraged her expertise to support over 150 (and counting) companies spanning diverse sectors, including software/AI, manufacturing, green energy, XR & immersive technology, agritech, and biotech. Her passion lies in catalysing growth and fostering innovation, steering organisations toward ambitious goals through meticulously crafted strategic plans.

Heather excels at translating vision into actionable strategies, encompassing elements such as vision, mission, purpose, strategic goals & objectives, and implementation roadmaps. She has a proven track record of developing and delivering strategic partnerships, showcasing expert negotiation skills and closing impactful deals.

Adept at optimising governance structures, Heather focuses on refining board and company setups to ensure transparency, accountability, and effective decision-making. Her approach is characterised by a creative problem-solving mindset, questioning boundaries, and exploring unconventional solutions—a key driver behind her successful career.

Heather's personal style is characterised by informality, pragmatism, and friendliness. She values questioning the status quo and seeks out unconventional solutions.  

Away from the office, Heather enjoys spending time in the good company of family and friends. Her heart lies in pursuits such as walking, cooking, and gardening, although she laments never having enough time to indulge in any of these passions as much as she'd like.

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