Scott Storey
Innovate UK Business Growth Scaleup Director

Versatile Business Leader | Innovator | Entrepreneur

Scott embarked on his career in the oil industry, having graduated as a Chemical engineer. He quickly rose to lead a UK trading office where he was responsible for managing critical commercial contracts.

At the age of 26, he took a bold leap into entrepreneurship, founding his first manufacturing venture. Under his guidance, it became the go-to supplier for one of the United Kingdom's prominent independent kitchen manufacturers. Simultaneously, he established a retail boutique specialising in custom Oak furniture and staircases, gaining recognition for his craftsmanship and catering to a select celebrity clientele.

Scott's innate ability to spot opportunities led him to approach a VC-backed SME with a compelling proposition. In just five years, he orchestrated the development of an entirely new revenue stream, injecting an impressive £10 million into their turnover.

Opting to bootstrap his next venture, he meticulously nurtured this innovative enterprise for seven years, guiding it to a £5 million turnover without external investment.  

Throughout his career, Scott has adeptly navigated the worlds of finance, infrastructure development, and international markets. He has cultivated enduring relationships in the United States and Australia, further enriching his portfolio of accomplishments.

Today, Scott willingly shares his wealth of knowledge on business growth and scalability, having traversed the exhilarating highs and challenging lows of running his own companies and fostering the growth of others.

Beyond the boardroom, Scott finds solace in the saddle as a dedicated road cyclist, relishing early morning rides across the picturesque Cheshire plain. He also channels his passion for sports into giving back to the community as a dedicated volunteer football coach for a youth team. Additionally, he plays an active role in spearheading private and public funding initiatives for a new community sports pavilion and grass pitch facility.

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