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UK-Switzerland CR&D Round 2 Funding Competition

General & Misc
Project Size:
£4 million

·Eligibility Requirements:

· Must include a consortium of non-linked Swiss and UK partners.

· Compliance with the competition’s scope and eligibility criteria is mandatory.

· Projects must involve at least one Swiss implementation partner under the equivalent Swiss Innosuisse programme.

Funding Type: Grant.

· Project Size: UK projects can request grant funding of no more than £450,000.

· Accessibility and Inclusion: Applications are open to all backgrounds, with commitments to accessibility for those with disabilities or long-term conditions.

· Proposal Expectations:

· Proposals must demonstrate a clear, innovative idea with potential for significant market impact.

· Proposals should include a strong business plan, sound financial planning, and a clear route to market within 2-3 years post-completion.

· Emphasis on significant UK economic benefit and collaboration value between UK and Swiss participants.

· Research Categories: Feasibility studies, industrial research, and experimental development.

· Exclusions:

· Projects without genuine Swiss collaboration.

· Projects not meeting Innovate UK’s eligibility criteria.

· Quantum projects outside the specific themes or considered low maturity.

For detailed guidance and support on applying for this competition and maximising your success chances, feel free to book a consultation with our experts. We can assist you in navigating the application process and developing a compelling proposal.

· Funders: Innovate UK (part of UK Research and Innovation) and Innosuisse (The Swiss Innovation Authority).

· Funding: A share of up to £4 million from Innovate UK and a minimum of 3 million CHF from Innosuisse.

· Competition Timeline:

·Opens: Monday, 5 February 2024

·Closes: Wednesday, 1 May 2024 at 11:00 am UK time

· Key Areas of Focus:

· Life sciences

· Artificial Intelligence (AI)

· Semiconductor applications

· Quantum technologies

· Objective: To enhance UK and Swiss collaborations in emerging technology fields, leading to the development and application of new innovations across various sectors.

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