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Innovative Conversion of Biogenic Gaseous Carbon into Bio-based Chemicals, Ingredients, Materials

General & Misc
Project Size:

Funder: Horizon Europe

Total Budget: €213,680,072.22
Individual Project Awards: Up to €3,500,000 per project
Number of Projects Expected to Fund: Approximately 2 Application
Timeline: Opens on 24 April 2024, with a deadline on 18 September 2024 at 17:00 Brussels time.
Application Model: Single-stage

Topic Description

Expected Outcomes: The grant focuses on fostering sustainable product development through the conversion of biogenic gaseous carbon from renewable resources. It aligns with the objectives of the Circular Economy, the Zero Pollution Action Plan, and the 2021 Communication on Sustainable Carbon Cycles, as well as supporting the EU Bioeconomy and Industrial Strategies. Expected contributions include:

· Industrial Symbiosis: Promoting industrial symbiosis in the bio-based sector to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

· Environmental Performance: Enhancing the environmental performance and resource efficiency of bio-based processes.

· Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) Technologies: Advancing and scaling up CCU technologies within bio-based systems.

· Carbon Removal: Boosting the carbon removal capabilities of bio-based systems, thus converting biogenic gaseous emissions into circular and durable bio-based chemicals, ingredients, and materials.


The scope includes the utilization of biogenic gaseous carbon from bio-based systems and biorefineries as a sustainable alternative to fossil carbon for producing various chemicals, polymers, and materials. This not only contributes to CO2 emissions reduction and increased carbon sequestration but also provides socio-economic benefits and strategic autonomy for the EU in raw materials. Key areas of focus for proposals are:

· Efficient Capture and Conversion: Demonstrating the effective capture and transformation of biogenic gaseous carbon into desired products, exploring various conversion pathways.

· Productivity and Economic Viability: Implementing systems that maximize productivity and ensure economic viability, including potential purification processes tailored to feedstock characteristics and end-use requirements.

· Replication and Adaptation: Analysing the adaptability of the technology to other biogenic carbon sources and assessing the broader application potential across the bio-industry.

· Safety and Sustainability Assessment: Integrating evaluations based on the safe-and-sustainable-by-design (SSbD) framework to ensure the safety and sustainability of the produced materials, including comparisons to fossil-based counterparts.

· Carbon Removal Verification: Evaluating the carbon removal potential of technologies and setting up monitoring systems that align with European certification frameworks for climate and environmental contributions.

Strategic Impact:

This initiative is set to transform the bio-based sector's approach to carbon management, aligning with Europe’s broader goals for a sustainable, circular, and climate-neutral economy. By leveraging innovative CCU technologies, the projects will not only help mitigate climate change but also enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of European industries.


This grant provides a pivotal opportunity for stakeholders in the bio-based sector to lead in the innovative and sustainable transformation of biogenic gaseous emissions into valuable products. It encourages the development of scalable, flexible, and economically viable solutions that could set a benchmark for global practices in carbon utilisation.

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