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NIHR i4i Product Development Awards

General & Misc
Project Size:

Stage 1:

Opening: 10th April 2024

Closes: 29th May 2024 (1pm)

Stage 2 (if invited)

Opening: 5th August 2024

Closes: 23rd September 2024 (1pm)

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Invention for Innovation (i4i) Programme is at the forefront of supporting translational research that propels medical devices, in vitro diagnostic devices, and digital health technologies from concept to reality. Tailored for innovations addressing critical health or social care needs, the i4i Product Development Awards (PDA) are designed to bridge the gap between experimental proofs-of-concept and clinically validated technologies.

Funding Scope and Objectives:

The i4i PDA targets collaborative R&D efforts focused on the development of high-impact medical devices, diagnostic tools, and patient-centric digital health solutions for use within the NHS or social care systems. Projects should demonstrate a clear trajectory towards clinical application, commercialisation, and ultimately, patient benefit. The awards are researcher-led, aimed at de-risking novel innovations to attract subsequent investment for further development.

Award Details:

· Eligibility: UK-based HEIs, SMEs, NHS/social care providers, and not-for-profit organisations.

· Project Duration: Up to 3 years, with no upper funding limit (typical budgets range from £0.5 to £1.5 million).

· Funding Level: Up to 100% for SMEs and NHS organisations; up to 80% of full economic costs for HEIs.

· Application Requirements: Minimum of two collaborating organisations; must include experimental proof-of-concept or laboratory-validated technology.

Focus Areas:

Proposals may encompass medical and diagnostic devices as per the Medical Device Regulations 2002, digital health technologies adhering to Tier C of the NICE Evidence Standards Framework, and AI solutions regulated as medical devices. Priority will be given to projects that:

· Develop preclinical and clinical stages of product innovation.

· Address unmet clinical or social care needs with a clear commercial strategy.

· Include patient and public involvement and end-user engagement.

· Plan for regulatory approvals and NHS or social care system adoption.

Pre-Award Support and Application Process:

Prospective applicants are encouraged to engage with pre-award support, including attending launch webinars and contacting the i4i Programme team for eligibility queries. The application process involves a two-stage submission, with Stage 1 focusing on initial proposals and Stage 2 involving detailed project plans and presentations to the i4i funding committee.

Why Apply for an i4i PDA?

Receiving an i4i PDA not only provides the financial backing necessary to advance healthcare innovations but also validates the significance of the proposed technology within the scientific community and the marketplace. This award accelerates the journey from ideation to implementation, fostering technologies that can transform patient care and outcomes in the NHS and beyond.

Call to Action:

Are you ready to transform your innovative healthcare technology into a clinically validated solution? Explore the NIHR i4i Product Development Awards and take the first step towards revolutionising health and social care. . For further information, guidance on forming a consortium, or to discuss your project idea, contact Inventya.

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