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Consultancy Services

We know that innovation management can be overwhelming. Our experienced consultancy team provides dedicated market research and business support tailored to your specific needs
Industry and Market Analysis
We reduce your risks by identifying your market segments, customer needs and potential for impact

Market Opportunity Analysis

We evaluate your major markets and identify barriers to growth, market entrance points and strategy

Competitor Analysis

We identify direct and indirect competition, finding the major players in the market and calculate their portion of market share

Trend Analysis

We identify the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors that affect your market

Stakeholder Engagement
We run focus groups to gather the opinions of key stakeholders and industry associations, generating bespoke, objective data

Buyer Profiling

We evaluate your major markets and identify barriers to growth, market entrance points and strategy

In-depth Reviews

We identify direct and indirect competition, finding the major players in the market and calculate their portion of market share

Business Modelling
We develop strategies with our clients to maximise potential and efficiency.

USP Identification

We establish your unique selling points within your industry

Business Development Planning

We help you develop a strategy to access funding, investment and new markets

Pricing Strategies‍

Using our industry experience we help you develop a financial plan that keeps your investors happy and your business on target

Commercial Roadmapping

We help you identify and execute the best route to market

Sales Forecasting

We can compile sales forecasts so that you always know where you are heading

Patent Landscaping
We help ensure your technologies are protected

Market Assessment

We assess your current patents, the market landscape and where you could have an advantage against your competitors

Patent Planning

We assess your technology and suggest which patents you can apply for in order to gain the most protection and value

Patent Management

Managing intellectual property can be expensive and daunting. We make sure that you are managing your intellectual property efficiently 

Access to Finance
We have teamed up with the Finpoint platform to deliver relevant finance providers for you
The Finpoint Online platform covers all funding options for your business including and not limited to: Debt Finance, Equity Investment, Grant and R&D options 

By combining our industry expertise and the power of the Finpoint platform we are able to help start-ups and SMEs find or win the funding they need to grow their businesses
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R&D Tax credits
We have helped UK companies
save over €120m in R&D credits

Kapitalise Technology Ltd & Telesto IoT Solutions Ltd

Inventya Project Managed the first year of the Liverpool 5G Testbed Consortium. With the aim of reducing the digital divide, this project uses low-cost open-source 5G networks in Health & Social Care settings across the City of Liverpool.

Project Management
Liverpool 5G Testbed

"Metis came across an opportunity to develop an Augmented Reality solution for an existing customer during product trials. During product development, we became aware of existing patents that covered the use of this technology in our industry, but had no idea how to investigate existing patents and what they covered. Inventya, through the Innovate2Succeed programme, gave us a guided search for patents in the AR technology that we were interested in, and showed us what patents existed and where they were protected. They then gave advice on what our next steps should be. We decided not to pursue this technology –  and I feel that discovering this early on saved us many wasted hours."

Martin Griffiths, Technical Director
Metis Automation

"We have worked with Inventya for over a year, and in that time they have demonstrated their abilities to assist our company in several ways. We initially procured their services to aid us in our Innovate UK grant application procedure. Throughout the process they demonstrated their professionalism, resulting in a successful outcome. They have also advised us regarding R&D Tax credits and helped us update our Business Plan. Inventya have a world-class pool of skill sets available, and we have found their expertise to be invaluable. We would not hesitate to recommend them to any business considering utilising their services."

Dr Erik Cox, Director
Inclusive Designs

"Inventya have provided us with a brilliant commercial screening mechanism. Without Inventya's support we would not have been able to resource this level of research or secure our £2.6 million in venture capital investment."

Simon Bryson, MD
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