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Implementation of innovation best practice is essential whether you are developing a single product or delivering a product portfolio. Inventya understand the process and tools associated with successful innovation.

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Senior Innovation & Growth Specialist
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Innovation best practises -
Improve the success rate of your innovation strategy
  • Free assessment of existing capability and recommendations report that identified where there are opportunities to improve innovation.
  • Implementation of appropriate processes and approaches to successfully identify and deliver ideas from concept to product/service launch.~
  • Ongoing support to develop an R&D Tax Credit revenue stream via a pipeline of innovation projects.

Product design -
Define compelling products that drive sales
  • Inventya Design Thinking principles can support the product design process helping clients to build products and services that add real value to their customers.
  • Product design support will help to define and develop products and services that are aligned with customer pains and gains.
  • The Inventya product design toolkit includes surveys, interviews, market research, design sprints, rapid prototyping and commercialisation.

Idea management -
Develop a product pipeline of high value ideas

  • Improve collaboration, leverage the wisdom of crowds and build a high value idea pipeline. Inventya Idea Management will help you to take great ideas from concept to reality.
  • Best practice approaches to generate and capture good quality ideas, develop concepts and deliver new products, services or improvements.
  • Highly experience idea management specialists available to support the implementation of an idea management process or solution.

Business Model Innovation –
Exploit opportunities to reinvent your business and disrupt the market‍
  • Inventya Business Model Innovation helps clients to understand, analyse and innovate their business models to find new ways to deliver and derive value from existing products and services.
  • Analysis of competing and emerging business models in the marketplace and identification of new innovative business models.

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