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Inventya will support you in navigating the complex landscape of Intellectual Property and help you to build an IP strategy either on an individual product or company wide basis.

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Protect, define and value your IP in local and international markets
  • Patent landscaping and IP intelligence to provide competitor intelligence, understand IP opportunities and recommend filing strategies.
  • IP analysis to assess patentability and advise on product design elements, monetisation and risks.
  • IP Strategy to assess organisational IP portfolio strategy and best practice approach.
  • IP internationalisation strategy.
  • IP Management services provide organisations with ongoing IP support. If your business is continually developing innovative IP, but you cannot justify a full time IP manager, Inventya can provide the same level of support either on a temporary or part time basis.
  • Grant funded project support – Inventya can provide your project with IP support and provide detailed IP strategy reports to help you understand, protect and exploit the opportunity.

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Helping you to focus on your project while we take away the overhead of project compliance and administration.

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