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Inventya announces a strategic partnership with Credit Data Research

April 21, 2022

Aldo De Leonibus
CEO & Cofounder

Inventya Ltd is delighted to announce our strategic partnership with Credit Data Research Ltd.  This partnership will allow us to further support our clients to further accelerate their growth thanks to Credit Data Research and Credit Passport®.

This advanced technology designed for SMEs by Credit Data Research, in collaboration with Moody’s Analytics, a global leader in credit analytics and CRIF Realtime Ltd a leader in real-time business credit scoring, will not only enhance their access to finance, but also allow them to benefit from better commercial terms by raising their credit profile.

Since its launch in 2013, Credit Data Research have combined their market-leading expertise with a unique combination of models to analyse a company’s financial data and credit behaviour.  This allows them to offer SMEs’ credit assessments of superior accuracy and predictive reliability. The Credit Passport® along with allied services support SMEs as they meet the challenges of an ever-changing credit environment and as they move to access new sources of credit.

As a dynamic innovation management consultancy, Inventya supports the growth of its clients through the development and commercialisation of innovative products and services. Strategically linking market knowledge, technology, and finance through a range of tailored services that are guaranteed to deliver impact and added value to their clients. With a presence in the UK, Ireland, and India, Inventya is committed to delivering tangible success and social, environmental, and economic impact.

Inventya and Credit Data Research make an ideal partnership as both are committed to providing SMEs with support to further their growth through innovation and funding for commercialisation.

Inventya will be delivering a suite of innovation services to Credit Data Research’s clients, as one of their Grant funding and Innovation partners. Through this partnership, a wide range of Inventya clients will benefit from accessing Credit Data Research’s innovative tools available to enhance their access to sources of funding. Both organisations will focus on raising awareness among the SME community about Innovation Grants and R&D Tax Credits.

The innovation landscape is changing and R&D incentives regimes around the world continue to evolve at a pace. Several countries are acknowledging the importance of innovation grants and tax incentives in supporting innovation, establishing new industries, and growing knowledge economies. Evermore opportunities are available for companies to access government grants to support R&D funding, which de-risks step-change innovation projects and makes the impossible possible. This joint support will help both Inventya and Credit Data Research clients to accelerate their businesses growth.

Aldo De Leonibus, CEO at Inventya, says: "Since the inception of Inventya, we have continuously developed and delivered innovative solutions to support the commercialisation and growth journey of our clients. We are thankful for this partnership with Credit Data Research and believe this will have a significant impact on the SME community looking to raise funding and finance in the current times.”

Alessio Balduini, CEO at Credit Data Research, says “Supporting SMEs through our Real Time Credit Passport improved a faster access to finance, sell and export of products. We are proud of the partnership with Inventya, this will allow SMEs also in UK to strengthen and become more resilient to economic shocks growing the level of confidence.” To find out more about Credit Data Research head to http://creditdataresearch.com/

To find out more about Inventya head to www.inventya.com

April 21, 2022
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