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INNOVACC – The Project Partner Answer

October 28, 2020

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Having been a project partner on countless UK and European projects (including Innovate UK, H2020 etc), we understand the value of not only having project partners but of them being quality and reliable. We also know the challenges of finding project partners that not only match these criteria, but also have a similar focus that applies to our project ideas. Considering the sometimes-unpredictable nature of grant-funded projects becoming available to apply for, often companies find themselves in a panic to find potential project partners to apply alongside.

Obviously, if a company has been operating in a specific industry for many years, they are more likely to have a significant number of contacts, some of whom may be applicable to approach for a project. But what about companies who haven’t been trading for long and haven’t established themselves? Or companies looking to use a potential project as an opportunity to explore a new industry? Using our experience of these challenges, and our status as an innovation consultancy, we applied for Innovate UK funding for a project to help combat these issues and to create a solution to help companies looking to undertake projects with project partners.

The funding we received has helped Inventya, and our project partners Kapitalise and Telesto, to create an innovation/financial management platform named INNOVACC, tailored towards innovative sources of finance. One of the many benefits of the platform will be the ability to identify potential grant funding partners who are interested in applying for a similar grant. This has the potential to link companies together who may not be aware of one another’s existence, potentially to a cross-regional or national extent. We think about the number of innovative ideas that fall through the cracks because of reasons such as not having suitable project partners or not being able to find project partners and want to change this.

We understand the power and importance of innovation, not only do we want to continue innovating but we want to help others innovate. We’re currently looking for some companies to be amongst the first to test out INNOVACC our platform, to tell us the benefits of use for themselves, and what else they’d like to be integrated in the future. So, if you are a Business Owner, Innovator, Accountant, Financial Director, Project Manager, or in another occupation where you think our platform will help provide value, get in touch with us and be a part of our journey.

October 28, 2020
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