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5 Business Resolutions In 2024 - New Year, New Business Priorities

December 29, 2023

Danielle Wallis
Marketing Manager

5 Business Resolutions In 2024 - New Year, New Business Priorities


Reflect on and Recognise Past Achievements

This one may sound counterproductive, but trust us… in this increasingly fast-paced world, the constant pressure to move on to the next thing can be overwhelming. Before diving into new goals, you should spend time reflecting on what has gone well, alongside what could be improved. This is a great way to ensure you remain cognisant of your successes, whilst tailoring your goals effectively to ensure they meet your strategic priorities.  

Remember where your company was at the beginning of 2023 and compare it to where you are now. What worked well in the last year? And what didn’t work so well? There is a great deal of value in this process, and it will help you formulate meaningful goals for the year ahead. You could also find that reflection and recognition will boost morale in your teams, as their successes are recognised and the impact of their hard work over the past year isn’t forgotten.  


Align Product Development with Customer Demand

In the quest for innovation and market leadership, it's easy to fall into the trap of a product-first approach. However, in 2024, you might be surprised by the impact of a customer-first strategy. This shift is critical for businesses, especially those eyeing grant funding, investment, or loans.

Reflect on your past R&D strategies. Were they driven by market demand or by an internal vision of the product? This year, resolve to align your product development more closely with what your customers actually need and want.

Conduct thorough market research to understand your customers' challenges and desires. Involve them in your product development process through feedback loops and beta testing. By doing so, you ensure that your product is not just innovative but also market-fit and in demand.

Remember, a strong value proposition is one that resonates with the market.


Explore Digitalisation

We couldn’t complete our list of resolutions without mentioning the importance of exploring and utilising new digital technologies. 2023 witnessed a huge amount of innovation in this sector, which cannot be ignored if you want to remain competitive in 2024. This year, digitalisation will not just be an advantage for companies, but it will become more and more of a necessity.  

There’s truly an overwhelming number of tools at your disposal, the difficulty will be narrowing down which ones to utilise. Make sure you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and pinpoint areas where technology can make a real difference. Take it step-by-step with priority areas first, to reduce the impact on day-to-day business and costs.  

Also, the importance of staff education for utilising these new tools shouldn’t be underestimated. A smooth transition to these new processes demands time, education and an underlying strategy and long-term goals.  

Let's make 2024 the year where we not only adapt to digitalisation but also use it in an optimal, strategic and streamlined way.  

#4 Invest in Your Team's Well-being

Even with the rise of AI technologies and automation, the backbone of any successful business in 2024 remains its people. As you step into the new year, resolve to make your team a priority. Consider implementing more comprehensive training programs, offering opportunities for skill enhancement, and creating a more supportive work environment. It’s human nature that employees who feel valued and equipped with the right skills will be more motivated and productive.  

In addition, pay close attention to your team’s work-life balance and make their mental and physical health a priority. Flexibility around hybrid and remote working, working hours, mental health days, and team-building activities all contribute to an employee’s feeling of job satisfaction and workplace value.  

By focusing on your team's growth and well-being, you're not just nurturing individual employees; you're strengthening the entire foundation of your business.  

#5 Embrace Sustainability as a Core Business Strategy

As we step into 2024, another increasingly essential component of business strategy is sustainability. As the necessity for increased environmental stewardship mounts, many companies are taking proactive steps.  

However, 2023 has also witnessed the rising issue of ‘Greenwashing’, which is a serious risk if companies aren’t willing to implement sustainability into the core of their business strategy. PR/Marketing-related sustainability stunts are becoming easier and easier to spot, and this may be worse for your business reputation in the long run than doing nothing at all.  

Remember, it’s fine to start small! Choose a few areas of your business operations that are either the easiest, or the most beneficial for you, then add to them. In 2024 and beyond, sustainability is crucial to the longevity of all businesses. Not just in terms of the environmental impact and consciousness, but also for your economic efficiency and long-term viability. Position your business as a forward-thinking leader in your industry, with a smart and viable approach to sustainability.  

Connect with Inventya for Tailored Business Growth Solutions

Inventya are here to guide and support your business journey in 2024. Our team of experts specialise in helping businesses to secure vital funding and finance for innovative R&D, manage successful projects, protect their IP, and refine business strategies – with the ultimate goal of bringing their products and services to market in the UK and internationally.  

Contact us for a consultation by email info@inventya.com, phone: 01925 506100 or on our website: Contact (inventya.com).

December 29, 2023
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