Day 1: 3I - Inclusive International Innovation

March 11, 2021
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Day 1: 3I - Inclusive International Innovation

Join us at this two-day event celebrating International Women's Day in partnership with Innovate UK EDGE

About this Event

Inclusivity comes in many forms, join the 3I team and guests on the 11th & 12th March, as we discuss Inclusivity in Innovation on an International Scale.

In our launch year we focus on the great work and opportunities international women entrepreneurs do when innovating their companies, products, or services discussing how to break the existent barriers.

Day 1: 3I - Inclusive International Innovation

On day one the 3I team open with leading organisations who join us in highlighting international innovation: the inequalities, challenges and opportunities.

One sector much hit in the past year has been the Tourism and Hospitality sector, in session two we discuss whether innovation is still happening in the industry and if women entrepreneurs are suffering because of it or succeeding despite it. We will be discussing about how can women led organisations in travel, events and the food and drink sector come together to boost resilience in what some predict will be a fast re-growth as countries emerge from their respective lockdowns.

A discussion marketplace runs in the afternoon of each day to facilitate those who want to take these discussions to the next level and work together to overcome the inclusivity and inequality barriers faced by underrepresented groups in society. Register for the matchmaking sessions now.

The 3I: Internationalisation, Innovation & Inclusion event is brought to by Innovate UK Edge and hosted by Dr Giulia Sirigu, Senior Innovation Advisor Inventya and Claire Robinson, Brokerage Specialist RTC North.

Register to Day 1 now and find more information about Day 2 here

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