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Technology Developer Accelerator Programme

Automotive & Transport
Project Size:


The Technology Developer Accelerator Programme (TDAP) supports SMEs, whether start-ups, spin-outs or more mature organisations, who have an early-stage transport technology concept and want to accelerate their route to market.


TDAP provides

  • a structured early-stage Accelerator Programme
  • focused product and business approach
  • independent expert consultancy, mentoring and support
  • a gateway-driven process
  • up to £135,000 grant support (APC do not take equity stake)
  • automotive industry networking



APC is looking for SMEs that fit the following criteria: 


The business:

  • Ambitious UK-based micro, small and medium-sized companies 
  • Technology developers able to benefit from programme activities, APC engagement and programme team expertise 


The technology:

  • innovative automotive technology, products and services which:
  • support zero emission vehicle operation, or
  • support the shift to net-zero carbon automotive products
  • aligns with one or more of the Automotive Council’s five strategic technologies, or; outside of these areas but demonstrating a strong impact potential
  • development status of the technology should be TRL 2-4 (UK Automotive Council) 
  • on or off-vehicle technology eligible: 
  • software or hardware technologies 
  • full vehicles (including e-bikes, e-mopeds, etc.) are in scope, however the technology deployed within the vehicle must be innovative of itself and the application would need to show how the vehicle supports or accelerates the move to zero emission transport


TDAP is designed to help fast-track low emission technologies towards commercialisation. The programme provides mentoring as well as facilitating financial support for SMEs, helping bring forward their innovative technologies.  


Through TDAP, APC provides financial and technical support, along with invaluable business development mentoring to help grow your SME. Their team of specialists have many years’ experience in the automotive industry, bringing both product knowledge and industry understanding, allowing them to offer you visibility to a range of key industry players.


APC facilitates this support by providing up to £135,000 of grant benefit, on a match-funded basis..


Participants work with the APC’s Delivery Partners to:

  • understand the best application fit for their technology
  • develop their target market and route to market strategy
  • understand their value proposition
  • work on their IP strategy
  • understand their potential business model
  • develop a financial and investor plan
  • undertake a validation project to test their product and their business assumptions


Market focus (up to £40,000 grant available)

  • technical concept analysis
  • target market definition
  • value proposition refinement
  • IP strategy and review
  • business model development
  • financial and investor plan


Technology validation (up to £95,000 grant available)

  • Concept validation
  • Prototype design, manufacture, validation
  • Optional leadership course
  • Optional Marketing / PR course

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