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Reducing Reliance on global navigation satellite systems quantum augmented position, navigation and timing sensing capability

Defence and Security
Project Size:
£100,000 - £150,000


The Open Call is one of the funding competition mechanisms DASA uses to find proposals that address challenges faced by government stakeholders. It gives bidders the opportunity to present their ideas to defence and security stakeholders at any time, without waiting for a relevant Themed Competition.


The Open Call is looking for innovative ideas to improve the defence and/or security of the UK. Your idea could be a concept, technology or service.


Whilst the Open Call welcomes a wide range of innovative ideas to solve problems faced by our defence and security customers, DASA is keen to share insight on specific topics of interest.


This specific topic of interest is “Reducing Reliance on Global Navigation Satellite Systems Quantum Augmented Position, Navigation and Timing Sensing Capability”.



DASA submissions are welcome from the private sector, academia, individuals (i.e. sole traders) and public sector research establishments.


DASA is seeking proposals on short term (≤6 months) feasibility studies that provide evidence for advancing technological sensing performance and/or enhanced environmental operational capability over a 5 year time frame. Individual proposals are expected to be in the range £100-£150K.


They are not seeking proposals that:

  • provide solutions which are already commercial products
  • literature reviews


The UK Defence and Security sector has demanding requirements for accurate and resilient Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT). When Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) are either absent, denied, degraded or unreliable, a platform’s Inertial Navigation System (INS) will drift; PNT uncertainty will grow, and mission success may be compromised. As the future operational environment becomes increasingly congested, cluttered, contested, connected and constrained, advances in current navigation technologies will be required to avoid mission failure.


It is envisaged that a route to a robust and enduring PNT solution will involve advancements in complementary military PNT technology and/or augmentation of current INS with advanced next generation quantum sensing capability. Dstl is currently investigating the challenges posed when integrating and operating the next generation of PNT sensing technologies in harsh and restrictive environments.

This call is specifically focused on the development of quantum technology to provide enhanced PNT capabilities. Other, ‘non-quantum’ technologies are being looked at elsewhere under the Dstl S&T Programme. Feasibility studies will provide evidence to support assertions of advances of technological sensing performance and/or enhanced environmental operational capability via demonstration of a technology prototype, corroborated theoretical modelling and/or simulation. In support of the feasibility proposals a realistic technical comparison with current state-of-the-art commercially available solutions should be included.

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