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Longer duration energy storage demonstration-stream 2 (first-of-a-kind prototypes contracts)

Project Size:
phase 1 £150k, phase 2 £9.45M


As part of the Government’s 10 Point Plan for a green industrial revolution, BEIS has launched the £68M Longer Duration Energy Storage Demonstration Programme, to support the demonstration of innovative first-of-its-kind technologies which provide UK power grid flexibility. The programme is split into two funding streams, which target technologies at different maturity levels:

Stream 2 SBRI Competition: Prototype Demonstration TRL 4/5

These cover three technology categories (electricity, thermal, power-to-x), and encompass two phases (1. preparatory, 2. build & commission).

Your proposal must:

  • specify a single technology category (electrical storage, thermal storage or power-to-x)
  • outline technical deliverables which explore potential cost reductions, performance improvements, demonstrate capabilities, and de-risk effective non-conventional storage technologies
  • show applicability of the technology to the UK energy system
  • demonstrate the impact funding can have on business growth
  • identify measurable performance indicators and benefits

Projects can be delivered by a single company or a consortium. To lead a project your organisation must:

  • be a business of any size, a research organisation or a RTO, with a base in the UK
  • intend to exploit the results from or in the UK
  • carry out project work in the UK

 The minimum technology requirements are:

  • ability to charge using electricity
  • ability to charge for at least 4 hours
  • ability to remain charged for at least 4 hours, without significant self-discharge, before utilising the stored energy
  • must have flexibility to increase electricity demand at times of low demand and high renewable output
  • must be stationary

Stream 2: SBRI Competition: Prototype Demonstration TRL 4/5

This SBRI competition is offering £30.5M to fund the capital expenditure of ~3 projects, focussing on pre-commercial prototype proposals.


Phase 1: Feasibility Study

  • maximum grant size/project is £150,000
  • end by March 2022

Phase 2: Prototyping

  • maximum grant size/project is £9.45M
  • end by March 2024

Activity must be experimental development. 100% of eligible costs will be funded.


TRL 4/5. Must not yet be commercially deployed (in UK or elsewhere). Projects will increase TRLs by minimum of 2 levels, resulting in full-system prototype build and demonstration.

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