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Inventya makes progress as it continues its sustainability journey

November 3, 2021

Simona Cocuz
Finance Director

In 2019 we issued internally an Environmental Policy Statement with the company aims and responsibilities of management and employees. In line with the policy, in the last two years:


•                    we have become a paperless office; we have reduced packaging to a minimum and when required we use recycled materials as much as possible.

•                    We have launched a Cycle to work scheme and encouraged staff to use alternative methods of transportation.

•                    We have mostly replaced face to face meetings to online.

•                    We have looked at our supply chain and when undertaking procurement, we give preference to products and services that have a lesser or reduced environmental impact. We also prefer to use local service providers where available to reduce CO2 and contribute towards the economy of our community


As providers of innovation services, Inventya have produced a comprehensive guidance to assist with the incorporation of green requirements in the development of new technologies. This work was part of the ETV4Innovation programme, funded by Erasmus and delivered by Inventya in collaboration with 5 other European partners.


We hope that renewable energy will power the world by 2050, and in light of this we delivered on the LCR Future Energy programme, co-funded by ERDF, that offered grants to SMEs in the sector and also helped new entrants on the market understand and meet the needs of the renewable energy supply chain and access contract opportunities.


We hope we can increase our commitment to climate change and also become a more sustainable business overall.

November 3, 2021
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