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Innovators - How specialist market research will vastly improve your product or service commercialisation strategy

November 1, 2021

David Richmond
Head of Innovation and Consultancy

Innovators - How specialist market research will vastly improve your product or service commercialisation strategy


Market research typically covers addressable and obtainable markets and competitor research, but it often does not provide entrepreneurs and innovators with sufficient technical depth to be able to assess markets effectively.

Innovation requires specialist knowledge of product maturity lifecycles, emerging technology, and the market forces that drive innovation.

Using the most comprehensive market data resources to provide valuable market insights


At Inventya, we drive innovation by understanding consumer demand and conducting marketing analysis using primary and secondary market research methods and market technology assessment. We strive to provide valuable insights by interpreting data from a range of sources.

It is important to test a great business idea against emerging and maturing innovation. The combination of traditional market research with technology assessments, patent searches, academic research, and analysis of start-up data will help innovative businesses to significantly reduce risk and exploit new and existing markets.

Identify opportunities into potential markets &competitors


Inventya can help you to analyse current market opportunities by conducting an innovation-focused market analysis. The market analysis will include a global market overview, analysis of macro-microeconomic data, emerging technological trends, market trends and growth, marketsize, market share, competitor benchmarking, patent search, and assessment of market positioning.

The innovation-focused market research capability at Inventya has helped numerous small businesses to better exploit their products, services, and technologies in the marketplace. This innovation focus is essential to help companies identify significant threats and opportunities that are particular to their products and services.

Inform your market strategy and decision making


If you are launching a new product or service to market and you need a specialist to undertake the time-consuming market and technology data analysis on your behalf, contact Inventya using the contact us form here.

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November 1, 2021
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