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Celebrating Jardin Living Ltd's BCorp Certification!

December 8, 2023

Danielle Wallis
Marketing Manager

We are pleased to celebrate a remarkable achievement by one of our clients, Jardin Living Ltd, who has recently been certified as a BCorp! A significant milestone for their business.

Jardin Living Ltd, a considered lifestyle company, holds a portfolio of unique apparel brands. Their brands include Ration.L, a vegan, gender-neutral sneaker brand certified by THE VEGAN SOCIETY and crafted from vegan, organic, and recycled materials. Another notable brand under their umbrella is Reflexone, which specialises in women's activewear made from certified recycled plastic yarn and organic loungewear.  

The inception of Jardin Living Ltd is a story of triumph over adversity; the company was born during the COVID lockdown following a brain haemorrhage experienced by the founder, Kavita Basi. Each brand under Jardin Living Ltd is not just about fashion but also about giving back, with a percentage of profits being donated to neuro charities. 

Celebrating this accomplishment, Kavita Basi remarked: ‘ As a small business owner, being neurodiverse and achieving this great milestone of BCORP certified has been a testament to the true meaning of why I started my company. It's so rewarding to be recognised and has given a boost to strive for more innovation and keep improving our carbon footprint.’ Kavita Basi

Innovate UK EDGE has provided Jardin Living Ltd with tailored support in funding and finance, protecting their intellectual property, and helping them develop a robust strategy to navigate the competitive marketplace.

Kavita recognised the team’s impact: ‘Innovate UK EDGE team have been a huge part of the development of our business and their support has improved our understanding of various areas of support for our business which has resulted in growth and improved our visibility, especially with investment opportunities.’

Congratulations to Kavita Basi and the team at Jardin Living Ltd on this outstanding achievement!

Explore their sustainable activewear at Reflexone.: Sustainable activewear for women made from recycled plastic – Reflexone

Click to browse the Ration.L vegan footwear here: Vegan footwear & accessories – Ration.L (rationl.co.uk)

Find out more about the fully government funded Innovate UK Edge services here: Innovation Funding Services, Innovation Consultants I Inventya

December 8, 2023
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