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UK and South Korea Data Driven Urban Innovation Bi-Lateral

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Project Size:
£50,000 and £120,000

Collaboration Requirements

  • UK businesses must collaborate with at least one South Korean business applying under KAIA’s equivalent program.
  • South Korean partners must apply to and will be funded by KAIA.

Project Size for Phase 1

  • UK partners' grant request must be between £50,000 and £120,000.

Accessibility and Inclusion

  • Encourages applications from diverse backgrounds, with support available for those needing adjustments.

Proposal Requirements

  • Projects should focus on sustainability, liveability, resilience, inclusiveness, safety (non-exhaustive list).
  • Must demonstrate effective collaboration with a South Korean partner funded by KAIA.

Portfolio Approach

  • Aiming for a variety of projects across different themes, technologies, and locations.

Specific Themes

  1. Mobility Innovation Solutions.
  1. Disaster Management Solutions.
  1. Net-Zero Energy Optimisation Solutions.
  1. Other Data-centric Innovative Solutions.

Research Categories

  • Funding feasibility studies in this phase.


  • Not funding projects that duplicate existing technology or do not collaborate with a KAIA-funded South Korean partner.
  • Can't fund projects dependent on export performance or domestic inputs usage.

Contact Information

  • Innovate UK can be contacted for guidance via email or at 0300 321 4357.

Key Takeaways

  • This competition offers a unique opportunity for UK businesses to collaborate with South Korean counterparts on innovative urban solutions.
  • The focus is on leveraging data-driven technologies to address significant urban challenges.
  • The phased approach allows for initial exploration in Phase 1, with potential for further development and commercialisation in Phase 2.

Opening Date: Wednesday 10 January 2024
Closing Date: Wednesday 21 February 2024, 11:00 am UK time

Funding Body

  • Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, in collaboration with the Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA).

Funding Type

  • Grant


  • To fund business-led, collaborative research and development (CR&D) projects linking activities in the UK and South Korea.
  • Projects must focus on data-driven innovations in cities, addressing key urban issues.

Phases of Competition

  • Phase 1: Feasibility studies for up to eight months. £1 million available for UK organisations, matched by South Korea for Korean participants.
  • Phase 2: Enhancement of innovation through testing and iteration, targeting commercialisation at the end of the phase (up to two years).

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