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Open Call: Skills, knowledge and experience

Defence & Security
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The Open Call is one of the funding competition mechanisms DASA uses to find proposals that address challenges faced by government stakeholders. It gives bidders the opportunity to present their ideas to defence and security stakeholders at any time, without waiting for a relevant Themed Competition.

The Open Call is looking for innovative ideas to improve the defence and/or security of the UK. Your idea could be a concept, technology or service.

Whilst the Open Call welcomes a wide range of innovative ideas to solve problems faced by our defence and security customers, DASA is keen to share insight on specific topics of interest.

This specific topic of interest is “Skills, knowledge and experience”.


DASA submissions are welcome from the private sector, academia, individuals (i.e. sole traders) and public sector research establishments.  Two categories:

  • Emerging innovations for less mature innovations, typically £50,000 - £100,000 (3-10 month projects)
  • Rapid impact category is for innovations that are more developed, typically £100,000 - £350,000 (with a realistic prospect of achieving an impact within a 3 year time from project commencement)

Technology readiness levels:

  • Emerging innovations projects commence at TRL 2 or 3 to deliver proof of concept
  • Rapid impact projects re viewed as those which will deliver a technology model or prototype demonstration at TRL 6 or 7 


In the current environment it is increasingly important to ensure we have access to people with the skills, knowledge, and experience to exploit information and allow us to adopt cutting edge technologies. This will involve a collaborative approach where we work with other parties, be it other government departments, academia, industry or internationally to ensure we have Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel (SQEP) across science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

DASA are seeking proposals which exploit novel contracts and employment models and consider that individuals may need to learn new skills many times in their careers.

DASA seeks novel ideas which could be used by UK Defence to do one, or several, of the below:

  • Attract and retain SQEP with niche specialities and technical skills.
  • Tracking and managing important skillsets across the workforce
  • Provide technologies/services and other opportunities to improve welfare standards, workforce health and wellbeing
  • Provide alternative approaches to contracting or seconding specialist staff
  • Identify and collaborate with organisations with experience in the above areas

All proposals should consider the use of simulation to personalise training, maximise human potential and create realistic operational environments.

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