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Open Call: Integrate Information and Physical Activity Across all Domains

Defence & Security
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Our Armed Forces have a requirement to be better integrated: with each other, with other government departments and with new and existing international allies and partners. Integration will enable units to work together harmoniously to deliver winning impact across several domains; sea, land, air, space, and cyber.

Communication capabilities underpin all aspects of modern military operations as they allow multiple operators to coordinate in order to maximise their combined effectiveness. Ultimately, all communications are vulnerable to adversary disruption which introduces significant operational risk.

We are seeking proposals which provide field communication capabilities that are resistant to attack, but continue to perform if degraded and are secure. We seek novel ideas that could be used by the Armed Forces to do one, or several, of the below:

  • Manage significant volumes of data from remote or autonomous systems
  • Information services that integrate formatted or unformatted data
  • Collaborative data sharing internationally with classified information

All proposals should be created with the aim of increasing our ability to orchestrate activity, provide protection to military personnel and their equipment and in doing so, deter hostile action by our adversaries.

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