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Innovate UK Fast Start Net Zero Living Digital

General & Misc
Project Size:
£2 million

Funding Body: Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation

Eligible Applicants: UK-registered small and micro businesses

Competition Opening Date: Tuesday, 2 January 2024

Competition Closing Date: Wednesday, 24 January 2024 at 11:00 am

Funding Type: Grant

Total Funding Available: Up to £2 million

Project Size: Project costs and grant requests must range between £25,000 and £50,000.

Additional Support: Winners will receive tailored business support from Innovate UK EDGE.

Purpose: The competition aims to support UK-registered micro and small businesses in developing data-driven digital applications that contribute to the net zero agenda.

Funding Breakdown:

  • £1.5 million for Net Zero Living Digital Fast Start projects, focusing on innovative use of multiple databases and synthetic data to support net-zero solutions.
  • £500,000 for Telecoms Technology Missions Fund projects, targeting innovations in the telecommunications sector.

Project Requirements:

  • Innovations must lead to new or significantly improved products, processes, services, or business models, supporting the net zero agenda.
  • Proposals should focus on software or data-led solutions in areas like power, heat, mobility, product manufacture, and usage for various user groups.
  • Utilisation of open, shared, or synthetic data sets related to net zero topics is mandatory.

Exclusions: The competition does not fund projects outside its eligibility or scope, those not supporting the net zero agenda, focused on data applications, or those that merely produce academic outputs without demonstrating economic or societal impact.

Key Considerations for Applicants:

  • Applicants must demonstrate innovative ideas, need for public funding, capability, and commitment to deliver the project.
  • Proposals should highlight potential for commercial success, market impact, and alignment with net zero objectives.

Application Process: Entry into this competitive process is through a formal application, adhering to the specific requirements and deadlines stated.

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