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Accessible and Affordable Tests for Early Detection of Heritable Cancers in European Regions

General & Misc
Project Size:
10 million and €12 million

Grant Overview

The European Commission is offering grants under the HORIZON-MISS-2024-CANCER-01-03

call, focused on developing accessible and affordable tests for the early detection of heritable

cancers in European regions. This funding opportunity aims to integrate advanced genetic and

biomarker-based tests into routine healthcare, particularly targeting Central and Eastern

European countries

Funding Details

• Opening date: 18th April 2024

• Closing date: 18th September 2024

• Expected EU Contribution per Project: Between EUR 10 million and EUR 12 million

• Total Indicative Budget: EUR 35 million

• Type of Action: Innovation Actions

Eligibility and Requirements

• Projects must be led by entities with a supportive administrative letter of intent from the

geographical area where the action will be implemented.

• Proposals should reach Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) 5 to 7 by project end.

• Applicants must be compliant with GDPR and address accessibility for individuals in

remote and rural areas.

Objectives and Scope

The initiative seeks to:

• Validate, pilot, and upscale innovative tests for early cancer detection.

• Focus on genetic, multi-omics, or other biomarker-based tests.

• Engage with regional and national healthcare systems to integrate these solutions.

• Address the specific needs of various populations, including stratification by sex,

gender, age, and other determinants.

Key Challenges Addressed

• Increased cancer incidence and mortality across Europe, with significant regional


• The need for early detection methods that can be easily implemented within existing

healthcare infrastructures.

Project Activities

• Conduct clinical and socio-economic feasibility studies.

• Co-create testing protocols and procedures with end-users, including healthcare

professionals and citizens.

• Extensively pilot and upscale testing in at least three different EU Member States or

Associated Countries, with a focus on Eastern Europe.

• Collaborate with EIT-Health KIC networks for support in entrepreneurship, education,

and innovation.

Expected Outcomes

Projects funded under this call are expected to lead to:

• More accessible and cost-effective early detection tests for cancers with a heritable

genetic risk.

• Enhanced collaboration between innovators, policymakers, and healthcare providers.

• Improved early detection and treatment outcomes for patients at risk.

Additional Information

Successful proposals will join the 'Prevention and Early Detection' cluster for the EU Mission on

Cancer, contributing to broader EU initiatives through networking and joint activities.

If you are considering applying for this grant and need support with your application, please

contact Inventya for expert advice and assistance.

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