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Tony Brooks

In 2002 Tony formed an electrical engineering business and went on to scale the company from £155K TO in year 1 to £5.5M TO in year 13 with over 55 employees. 

Tony then led the sale of the Company to VINCI Energies at the end of 2015. He then stayed with the business for a further 3 years helping with the integration into the corporate business whilst assisting further acquisitions. 

Tony grew the business year on year, he went through the pain of growing a team and developing a structure, managing the finance, making sure they got paid and managing all contractual & financial risks, they moved properties and had to develop the infrastructure to support the business needs and then made the business sustainable before successfully selling it. One of Tony’s specialities is Business Development. 

For the past 20 months, Tony has concentrated most of his time on the Scaleup Northeast programme as a Scaleup Partner, working with the Senior Leadership Teams in the SME community to help develop the action plan for the client scaleup journey. 

During this time Tony has assisted 80+ companies across the region, they have had some great results, worked with a wide range of companies, and found that they have common challenges regarding the strategic growth, they are usually: leadership & planning, sales & marketing, finance, infrastructure, and skills & talent. 

Tony moved to the North East in 2012 and has fallen in love with the area. He lives in Morpeth and is married to Lian and has two young girls Amelia and Alexis, he also has two older children in Nottingham, Laura, and Ben. He loves football, golf, tennis, F1 and pretty much all sports. He has also recently completed one of his long-term goals which was to complete his first self-build project.

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