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Neil Donald

Neil is an engineer by training and qualification, starting his career with GEC and obtaining a first-class degree in Microelectronics & Microprocessor Design Engineering from The University of Salford. Moving on to work within the Automotive electronics manufacturing sector, Neil added process engineering to his skills set (Kaizen, Kanban, JIT, Lean 6-Sigma and Cell Manufacturing) while working with Ford, Honda, Toyota, BMW and others.

A shift in focus to manufacturing automation within consumer electronics saw Neil make the move to Sales & Marketing, becoming the youngest divisional manager in the history of TDK, heading up their Factory Automation Division across Northern Europe. There he developed solutions for household names such as Sony, Toshiba, Nokia, Motorola, JVC, Ericsson, Sharp and Pace Microelectronics.

Neil progressed from there to apply his consultative sales skills, his keen process analysis expertise and his inciteful problem-solving mindset to the printing & packaging industry (conventional & digital), gradually progressing up the value-chain into the creative brand marketing industry. This move coincided with the proliferation of digital marketing technologies, facilitated by developments in internet, mobile & Wi-Fi networks, then massively accelerated by placing the Apple iPhone into the hands of consumers.

Now working as an independent consultant, Neil was able to combine his understanding of technology, his expertise with complex process mapping, his familiarity with marketing content creation & sales activation strategies and his developing knowledge of behavioural economics, to deliver comprehensive, holistic and transformational solutions for his clients.

Over the last 12 years, Neil has supported some of the largest B2B and B2C brands to implement impactful and sustainable change within their business. Organisations such as Xerox, Royal Mail, ASDA, Lloyd’s Banking Group, NHS, Pets At Home and Communisis have all benefited from working with Neil on strategic digital transformation (DX) projects.

At the same time, however, Neil also recognised the need to support and nurture the next generation of businesses in the UK and has been a long-time advocate in this area. He has worked in a voluntary capacity for a range of incubator and accelerator programs, giving up professional time and personal time, free of charge, to act as a mentor for multiple innovation start-ups in the UK. This passion burns stronger than ever and Neil is now providing the benefit of his wide-ranging experience as a Director of the Innovate UK Scaleup Program.

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