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R&D tax credits are a government scheme that rewards research and development and other innovative activities. Get in touch today and let us help you maximise your claim!

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How we can help you

Our experience across a wide range of industries ensures we deliver unparalleled innovation and financial reports. In fact we have a 100% success rate and haven’t even had one query back from HMRC.

Why choose us to deliver your claim?

We understand innovation. It’s hugely important your claim details are complete and correct before submitting to HMRC. If you’ve previously under-claimed or assumed that your business doesn’t qualify, our Senior R&D Tax Consultants are experts at identifying innovative activities.

Success rate

Over 200

average claim


We do all the work for you

Our service really is fully inclusive. From an initial investigatory call, to gathering the required financial information from your accountants, we compile and complete in full your high level innovation and financial reports, leaving you to simply review, then submit to HMRC for approval.

No upfront costs,
get paid quickly

Because of our expertise in understanding the growth journey of a business, our clients get paid fast and in full, sometimes 4-5 days after a claim has been agreed.

Our unique growth voucher option

We can turn our fee into vouchers which can be redeemed against our other key innovation services. From funding and finance to bid writing and consultancy, we partner with our clients so they get even more value from each R&D tax-credit claim.

R&D Tax Credits FAQs

Who can claim R&D tax credits?

You’d be surprised how many businesses perform activities that count as research and development without knowing it. You don’t have to be from a traditionally innovative industry to benefit from tax credits. We have helped over 200 companies across 50+ industries successfully maximise their tax credits claim.

Do I qualify for R&D tax credits?

Our quick checklist to see if you are eligible for a claim:
You are a registered company in the UK and pay corporation tax
‍You have invested in, and carried out R&D activities that qualify for the scheme (don’t worry, this is where we help!)

What counts as 'research and development activities?

HMRC define R&D as: any activity in which the company is trying to solve ‘scientific or technological uncertainties’. In practise, everything from innovative internal processes, to packaging, or intellectual property can qualify. Start a conversation with us today and we can help you maximise your claim.

And with our 100% success rate, you know you are in good hands.

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