Who can claim R&D tax credits?

You’d be surprised how many businesses perform activities that count as research and development without knowing it. You don’t have to be from a traditionally innovative industry to benefit from tax credits. We have helped over 200 companies across 50+ industries successfully maximise their tax credits claim.

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Our quick checklist to see if you are eligible for a claim:

You are a registered company in the UK and pay corporation tax

You have invested in, and carried out R&D activities that qualify for the scheme (don’t worry, this is where we help!)

What counts as 'research and development activities?
HMRC define R&D as: any activity in which the company is trying to solve ‘scientific or technological uncertainties’. In practise, everything from innovative internal processes, to packaging, or intellectual property can qualify. Start a conversation with us today and we can help you maximise your claim.

And with our 100% success rate, you know you are in good hands.

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