Quality Assurance Complaint Resolution

Purpose: To establish and uphold standards ensuring that Inventya Ltd consistently delivers high-quality service and maintains customer satisfaction.

Scope: This policy applies comprehensively to all services provided by Inventya Ltd.


1. Customer Success Management Department: Oversee client satisfaction, ensuring service quality. Manage feedback at csm@inventya.com.

2. Complaints Department: Address grievances and oversee the resolution process at complaints@inventya.com.

3. The Directors: Hold ultimate responsibility for service quality delivery. Oversee the Quality Assurance & Complaint Resolution Policy implementation. Ensure resources for prompt and effective issue resolution.

Policy Statements:

1. Client-Centric Service: Dedication to delivering services tailored to specific client needs and expectations.

2. Continuous Improvement: Regular review of services and processes for continual enhancement.

3. Training: Employees receive consistent training to maintain and elevate service standards.

4. Feedback Integration: Value and actively integrate client feedback for ongoing service quality improvement. Accessible through the Customer Success Management Department at csm@inventya.com.

5. Complaints Resolution: Serious consideration of complaints with a commitment to prompt resolution, following our Complaints Policy. Clients can submit complaints to complaints@inventya.com.

6. Feedback: Seek, encourage, and welcome client feedback through formal and informal channels.

7. Complaints Handling: Acknowledge complaints within 5 working days, providing a comprehensive written response within 20 working days.

8. Transparency: Maintain clear and open communication with clients about policies, procedures, and service standards.

9. Accountability: Inventya Ltd holds itself accountable for delivering high-quality services and swift issue resolution.


1. Client Information: All client information obtained during the feedback and complaints handling process will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Access to client data will be restricted to authorised personnel involved in the resolution process.

2. Complaint Details: Specific details of complaints, including the identity of the complainant, will be kept confidential to the extent permitted by law. Disclosure of complaint details will only occur as necessary for the resolution process and with the consent of the complainant.


1. Feedback and Complaints Handling: Feedback and complaints should be directed to the Client Success Management Department or the Complaints Department. These will be recorded, investigated, and addressed in accordance with our Complaints Policy.

2. Escalation of Complaints: To escalate a complaint to the directors, contact them at directors@inventya.com.

3. Quality Monitoring: Conduct regular assessments of client satisfaction to ensure sustained high service quality.

4. Policy Review: Periodically review this policy to ensure continuous effectiveness and alignment with evolving client needs.

Monitoring and Review:

1. The Directors of Inventya Ltd will conduct an annual review of this policy.

2. The Customer Success Management Department produce internal monthly reports on client satisfaction and feedback.

3. The Complaints Department produce internal quarterly reports on complaints received, resolution status, and outcomes.

Communication: Clients will be informed of this policy at the beginning of our service agreement. For additional information or to discuss our quality assurance policy, please contact the Client Success Manager at
csm@inventya.com or the Complaints Department at complaints@inventya.com.
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