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Our specialists helped Valuechain access EEN support to take their software international
How Inventya helped

Valuechain Ltd is a technology business that connects smart supply chains via their innovative platform. 

As a service partner for the Enterprise Europe Network, Inventya was able to connect Valuechain to its network of global contacts. Through this network, Valuechain has secured new global strategic clients and partnerships. Enterprise Europe Network has helped Valuechain develop their funding strategy and secure a €3.2m grant through the EC Horizon 2020 Programme.

Valuechain were also accepted onto the exclusive Innovate UK / EEN Scaleup Programme, and we worked with them via the Programme to help protect their IP and to ensure they had the right people in place.

We love companies that use data to power intelligence and help people work smarter. We're priviliged to have played a small part in Valuechain's growth journey so far.

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"The EEN helped open the doors that we would have found difficult as a small company– and we’ve not had to pay anything for that."

"We are looking to develop global strategic partnerships, and EEN has been able to do that for us."

"Being part of the Scaleup Programme is a great badge of honour."

Tom Dawes, CEO