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Inventya bid-writers helped TrakRap secure Innovate UK funding to develop their unique wrapping system

How Inventya Helped

Inventya bid-writers helped TrakRap with successful Innovate UK grant-funding bids. Our work included research on market and customer analysis.

With this funding, TrakRap and their partners were able to develop their novel end-of-line packaging system. They adopted a digitisation approach for developing a prototype - in other words, they built a digital twin before building a machine. In this way they knew that their prototype would work before it was even built!

We share TrakRap's vision for a future with less packaging, and we are thrilled to have played our small part in their journey.

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"Inventya's understanding of funding is second to none, and they have a wide range of skills to help businesses like ours."

"We had a great idea but didn't know how to bring it to market and it came about by working with Inventya." 

Martin Leeming, CEO