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Inventya helped LIG Biowise reclaim R&D tax credits to reinvest in their diagnostic platform
LIG Biowise

How Inventya Helped

LIG Biowise are a molecular diagnostics company, developing tools that can be used in primary care settings. 
Inventya helped LIG Biowise to secure grant funding from several sources, so we have a genuine understanding of LIG Biowise's technologies and a shared vision for improved disease diagnosis. We were able to analyse their spend profile, identifying all the areas covering R&D, and ensuring they claimed all they were entitled to.

Their claim was successful, and they received over £40,000 in tax credits. LIG Biowise have been able to reinvest this into the business, and in doing so expand their capabilities and meet key milestones.

We absolutely love the work that LIG Biowise do, and we couldn't be happier in the knowledge that we have helped them continue to grow and succeed.

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"Inventya were at the heart of LIG’s R&D Tax Relief claim. As a partner, they were fully engaged with our business, and were confident and efficient throughout. We recovered over £40,000 in credit from HRMC and we have reinvested this into product development. "

Alex Sheppard, CEO