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The Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition (CMDC) Round 4

Manufacturing & Materials
General & Misc
Project Size:
£500,000 and £6 million.

Competition Opening: Wednesday 2nd August, 2023

Competition Closing: Wednesday, 27th September 2023, 11:00 am

Competition Overview

Innovate UK, in partnership with The Department for Transport (DfT), is dedicating up to £34 million to support innovative projects for the clean maritime revolution. This competition encourages the development and real-world demonstration of clean maritime technologies aimed at significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The CMDC competition is divided into three distinct strands:

  1. Vessel or Infrastructure Demonstrations
  1. Vessel and Infrastructure Combined Demonstrations
  1. Feasibility Studies and Pre-Deployment Trials

Proposals should display an effort towards reducing maritime emissions and forming a commercialisation strategy that brings significant value to the UK.

Key Details

The grant funding request should range from £100,000 to £8 million, depending on the strand you are applying to. Projects must conduct an operational demonstration for a minimum of two weeks before April 2025. All project work must be carried out within the UK and aimed at exploitation in or from the UK.

Organisations that wish to lead a project should be UK-registered businesses of any size. Project collaborations are encouraged, including non-grant claiming partners and subcontractors from the UK or overseas, if justified.

Strand 1: Vessel or Infrastructure Demonstrations

Project size: between £500,000 and £6 million.

This strand of the competition encourages projects that focus on the development, testing, and deployment of clean maritime technologies in an operational setting on vessels, shoreside or offshore infrastructure, including ports, harbours, and wind farms. Projects should strive to significantly reduce maritime emissions and develop a clear plan for commercialising the technology.

Strand 2: Vessel and Infrastructure Combined Demonstrations

Project size: between £500,000 and £8 million.

Projects in this strand should focus on combined vessel and infrastructure technologies. This includes technologies for ports, harbours, offshore facilities, and wind farms. Like Strand 1, these projects should also seek to significantly reduce maritime emissions and have a clear plan for the commercialisation of the technology.

Strand 3: Feasibility Studies and Pre-Deployment Trials

Project size: between £100,000 and £3 million.

The aim of Strand 3 is to fund feasibility studies and pre-deployment testing of clean maritime technologies. The proposal should focus on undertaking a technical and economic feasibility study associated with the development and real-world demonstration of on-vessel technologies, infrastructure technologies or both.

For pre-deployment trials, the proposal must design, develop, and test novel clean maritime technologies. The technologies can focus on on-vessel technologies, infrastructure technologies, or both.

Note: What They Will Not Fund

Projects that solely focus on improving the efficiency of current fossil fuels, capital investment only projects, projects covered by existing commercial agreements to deliver the proposed solutions, and duplicates of existing innovations do not qualify for this competition. Projects that do not meet the competition's eligibility or scope are also ineligible.

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