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SBRI: Development and Delivery of Quantum Computing Testbeds

General & Misc
Project Size:
between £2 million to £7m

About the Competition

Funded through a Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) by Innovate UK on behalf of the National Quantum Computing Centre (NQCC), this competition invites organisations to develop and commission an operational quantum computing testbed. The aim is to bolster the UK's technological capabilities in quantum computing, expand its user adoption, and refine its technology readiness.

Sectors: Quantum Computing, Quantum Technologies, R&D, Quantum Algorithms, Technology Integration


The objective of this competition is to:

  • Expand the UK’s quantum tech infrastructure and user base.
  • Address and rectify technology bottlenecks, readiness, and performance.
  • Provide the NQCC with operational quantum computing testbeds to test, benchmark, and develop applications.

Eligibility Criteria

Submissions should:

  1. Be already in an advanced stage of quantum computing testbed technology.
  1. Develop the testbed for testing, benchmarking, and application development.
  1. Locate the testbed within the UK or at NQCC's Harwell premises.
  1. Offer state-of-the-art performance in Quantum Processing Units.
  1. Establish a UK-based quantum computing testbed and supply chain.
  1. Align with the NQCC's goals and cooperate with them as the primary customer.

Portfolio Approach

A balanced variety of solutions are desired across budgets, technologies, technological maturity, location, qubit modalities, gate-based, and analog quantum computing.

Specific Themes

Projects can involve:

  • Prototyping, piloting, and validating quantum computing testbeds in operating environments.
  • Advancing quantum computing testbeds beyond the current state.

Projects Not Funded

The competition will not support projects that:

  • Use technologies other than 'second generation' quantum technologies.
  • Don't address potential negative impacts or show potential for positive economic or societal impact.
  • Duplicate other UK government or EU funded projects or violate existing commercial agreements.
  • Are feasibility studies or in the early stages of development.
  • Don't carry out significant activities in the UK.

Opportunity Ahead

Winning organisations will get an opportunity to shape the future of quantum computing in the UK and collaborate with the NQCC. This is your chance to be at the cutting edge of quantum technology and make a substantial impact on the industry.

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