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Open Call: Operate and Deliver Effects in Contested Domains

Defence & Security
Digital, AI & Machine Learning
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UK Armed Forces currently face heavily contested environments across the air, land, sea, and particularly the space and cyber domains, which is of significant threat to the security of our information and could lead to disruption in the use of our space-based capabilities.

Freedom to use our information networks and the electromagnetic spectrum is essential as this is the medium for communication between forces during operations and for our most effective sensors. These mediums can be used by adversaries as a source of information and can also leave us at a tactical disadvantage were they to be disrupted or disabled.

Proposals should consider we need to be robust and resilient and have the ability to disrupt/degrade adversary capabilities. We seek novel ideas which could be used by the UK Armed Forces to do one, or several, of the below:

  • Communicate and synchronise activities in contested environments
  • Monitor contested environments
  • Manufacture methods and design concepts to deliver alternate explosive/electromagnetic/chemical effects and protection from these effects
  • Manage fleets of remote or autonomous systems and use these systems to undertake tasks normally completed by human operators

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