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Open Call: Delivering Agile Command and Control

Defence & Security
Digital, AI & Machine Learning
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Mission Command is a style of command historically used by the UK Armed Forces to plan and orchestrate operations effectively to achieve desired outcomes. Mission Command is essential to achieving the adaptability required to respond quickly to the complexity in the modern environment, allows delegation and operational awareness across all levels of seniority, and enables personnel to carry out missions with the maximum freedom of action.

In order to achieve a more agile Command and Control process we are looking for proposals which promote a shift from more traditional chains of command to more dynamic, lateral networks, with greater delegation of authority and allow exploitation of relevant information at speed.

We seek novel ideas that could be used by the UK Armed Forces to do one, or several, of the below:

  • Technology based data analysis e.g. use of machine learning
  • Collaboration between human and technology based decision making processes
  • Systems and processes to analyse and visualise real-time data
  • Merging in-house and commercially available information services to establish situational awareness

All proposals should be created with the aim of transforming military capabilities to be information centric, which will enable future forces and platforms to be designed around an information architecture to enable widespread access to and sharing of information.

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