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Innovative, Community-Integrated PV systems

General & Misc
Project Size:

Early notice: Get your consortium of partners ready for the application opening date (we can help)…

Funding: €10,000,000

Projects Funded: 2 Funding per Project: €5,000,000

Application Stage: Single-stage

Opening Date: 17th September 2024

Deadline: 21st January 2025

Eligibility: Open to legal entities from EU Member States and associated countries, including businesses and international organisations.


· Enhance profitability and integration of PV systems in renewable energy communities.

· Promote citizen engagement through energy cooperatives and decentralised platforms.

· Support energy democracy and reduce energy poverty with innovative, community-aggregated systems.

Expected Outcomes:

· Increased profitability and penetration of PV systems.

· Active citizen engagement in the clean energy transition.

· Effective integration of energy storage and electric mobility with smart power electronics and intelligent systems.


· Demonstrate community-aggregated systems facilitating the energy transition.

· Implement collective self-consumption schemes and advanced installation criteria.

· Develop planning and plant optimisation tools to increase PV system yield.

· Ensure robust cyber-secure communication protocols across control levels.

· Involve Social Science and Humanities (SSH) disciplines to enhance societal impact and drive social change.

· Encourage international cooperation with the Mediterranean Region

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