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Flexible, agile, scalable and sustainable medicines manufacturing

Health & Life Sciences
Project Size:
between £200,000 and £2 m
  • Eligibility: UK registered organisations.
  • Objective: Develop and implement flexible, agile, scalable and sustainable technologies for medicines development and manufacture.

Key Dates:

  • Opening: Tuesday, 26 September 2023
  • Closing: Wednesday, 22 November 2023 at 11:00am


Innovate UK, under UK Research and Innovation, will grant up to £5 million for innovation projects focusing on flexible, agile, scalable and sustainable technologies (FASST) for medicines development and manufacture. Projects should boost manufacturing processes, increase efficiency, and reduce time-to-market, aiming for wider patient access to medicines. Proposals should benefit at least one UK SME's growth, productivity, and competitiveness.

Required Benefits:

  1. Foster economic recovery, job creation, skills development, and investment in medicines manufacturing.
  1. Boost health security and patient benefit while enhancing productivity and fast-tracking market entry.
  1. Promote the use of transformative FASST technologies in medicine manufacturing.
  1. Address net zero and sustainability goals.
  1. Advocate for equality, diversity, and inclusion in projects.

Funding Type:


Project Size:

Grant funding requests should range between £200,000 and £2 million.

Key Areas:

Your project should:

  • Improve resource efficiency: waste reduction, energy consumption, carbon emissions reduction.
  • Enhance productivity through recognized metrics like process mass intensity or overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Technologies in Scope:

Examples include laboratory automation, digital twins, predictive supply chain management, real-time release testing, continuous biomanufacturing, large scale manufacturing robots, AI decision support, sustainable platform processes, and data-driven biomanufacturing.

Specific Themes:

Focus areas include cost reduction, environmental impact minimization, patient access enhancement, yield and productivity boost, data processing speed, efficiency, market entry time reduction, development time minimization, process monitoring, supply chain data utilization, and commitment to skill development.

Research Categories:

Industrial research and experimental development projects will be funded.


Projects focused only on medicine discovery won't be funded. Similarly, projects reliant on export performance or domestic input usage won't be eligible.

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