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Design Foundations: Repairability

Creative Industry
Project Size:
£2 million

UK registered organisations are invitedto apply for a share of up to £2 million to support design projects emphasisingrepairability. Funding is provided by Innovate UK.

Competition opens: Monday 30 October 2023
Competition closes: Wednesday 10 January 2024 11:00am


Innovate UK, a division of UK Research andInnovation, is allocating up to £2 million for projects that prioritise designapproaches centred around repairability. The goal is to encourage businesses tointegrate people-centric and systemic design principles, thereby laying thegroundwork for innovation in products, services, places, or business models.

The focus is on Design for Repair (DfR), anevolving design philosophy that aims to render products and services moreeasily mendable. Applicants are encouraged to collaborate with design expertsto achieve optimal results and enhance their own capabilities in design.

Funding Type


Project Size

Project’s total budget must fall within therange of £40,000 to £80,000.

Proposal Requirements

Your project must align with one or more ofthe following categories:

  • Modularity and Accessibility:     Simplify repair processes by making critical components easily accessible
  • Standardisation and Compatibility:     Ensure compatibility across industry standards and system interoperability
  • Design for Durability: Use     high-quality components and rigorous testing to prolong lifespan
  • Extended Lifecycles and Lifecycle Assessment: Adapt to emerging technologies and evaluate environmental and     societal impacts
  • Eco-Design and Circularity: Embrace     sustainable, recyclable, and reusable design principles
  • Design for Resilience: Enhance     resilience to unexpected challenges such as economic downturns or supply     chain disruptions

All projects must take into account theperspectives of the end-users or those affected by the innovation. Adequatestakeholder involvement at various project phases is mandatory.

Portfolio Approach

Innovate UK aims to fund a diverse range ofprojects representing different sectors, technological stages, and researchcategories. Projects from across the UK and of various company sizes arewelcome to apply.

Specific Themes

The overarching theme is repairability,applicable across all sectors and product types. This competition seeksprojects that embed iterative optimisation for long-term benefits.

Projects They Will Not Fund

Ineligible for funding are projects that:

  • Focus on one-time or occasional repairs
  • Lack adherence to people and planet-centric design principles
  • Prioritise technical feasibility over user experience
  • Fail to meet De minimis regulation restrictions or other stated     eligibility criteria

Application guidance encourages an agileresponse to project changes and discoveries. Project change requests will beconsidered if well-justified and submitted via the project’s designatedmonitoring service provider.

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