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Design for Adaptability, Re-use, and Deconstruction of Buildings

General & Misc
Project Size:
Grant Award: €4 million

Horizon Europe Framework Programme (HORIZON)

Efficient, Sustainable, and Inclusive Energy Use (HORIZON-CL5-2024-D4-02)

Budget: 4 million per project (2 to befunded)

Key Dates:

  • Planned Opening Date: 17 September     2024
  • Deadline Date: 4 February 2025,     17:00 Brussels time

Expected Outcomes:
Project results are anticipated to contribute to:

  • Improved adaptability of buildings and units to new uses.
  • Increased reuse and recycling of building elements and     products.
  • Extended service life of buildings.
  • Increased awareness of best practices for design for     adaptability, reuse, and deconstruction.


The project aims to integrate innovative tools, products, and techniques for construction and renovation, focusing on extending building service life and enabling adaptability, reuse, and deconstruction within a circular economy framework.

Proposal Requirements:

Proposals must:

• Validate construction and renovation solutions integrating innovative tools and methods that facilitate deconstruction and reuse, based on life-cycle approaches.

• Ensure solutions address adaptability and reversibility of buildings to changing uses and surroundings.

• Improve the ease of reuse and recycling of construction elements and products.

• Develop disassemblable and reusable building elements, including those made from CO2-storing materials and innovative lower emission materials.

• Address all building components, including structural elements, envelopes, interior fixtures, fittings, and technical systems.

• Be rooted in local and regional value chains, with participative approaches for social acceptability.

• Flexibly adapt to local/regional sourcing of innovative products and materials.

• Address climate change mitigation and minimise emissions, pollution, and biodiversity loss.

• Validate solutions in a relevant environment, covering residential and non-residential projects across at least two countries with diverse climates.

• Involve local and regional value chains, particularly SMEs, and increase innovation buy-in from users.

• Provide clear, measurable indicators of improvements due to the solutions.

• Deliver guidance and recommendations for technology providers, regulatory authorities, and standardisation bodies, and promote the demonstrated approaches.

• Contribute to standardisation and regulatory evolutions fostering reuse and deconstruction of building materials and products.

• Report results to the Built4People partnership and contribute to its network of innovation clusters.

Specific Conditions:

Activities are expected to achieve Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 5-6 by the end of the project.

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