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Canada-UK: Plant-based Protein Innovation

General & Misc
Project Size:
£1.5 million
  • Eligibility: UK registered organisations, in collaboration with Canadian organisations.
  • Objective: Collaborative R&D projects resulting in innovative solutions for the plant-based protein sector.

Key Dates:

  • Opening: Monday, 18 September 2023
  • Closing: Wednesday, 1 November 2023 at 11:00am


Innovate UK and Protein Industries Canada (PIC) are partnering to invest up to £6.5 million in innovation projects. This is a two-stage competition; the current Expression of Interest (EoI) stage aims to identify the best proposals for the full application stage, which will focus on supporting the plant-based protein sector's development.

Project Focus:

  • Utilize plant-based proteins from scalable crops in the Canadian and UK food and feed supply chains, such as:
  • Field peas, lentils, canola, beans, oats, lupin.
  • Innovations combining high-protein crops with other plant-based proteins, like potato and hemp.
  • Enhancements for plant-based products, including those derived from cellular or acellular fermentation.

Key Areas:

Your proposal should center on one/more of the following:

  1. Ingredients: Development, scaling, and optimization of plant-based ingredients.
  1. Products: Conversion of high-protein crops into consumption-ready items.
  1. Value & Quality: Enhance nutritional quality, acceptability, sustainability, and safety.
  1. Animal Feed & Pet Food: Innovations in plant-based feeds.
  1. Co-product Stream Management: Value addition to by-products from processing crops for plant-based production.


  1. EoI (this competition): No funding available at this stage.
  1. Full Stage Application (FSA): Successful EoI applicants will be invited. Grant funding requests should not exceed £1.5 million for the full stage UK application.

Funding Type:


Portfolio Approach:

Desire to fund a diverse range of projects across different technologies, markets, and research areas.

Research Categories:

Feasibility projects, industrial research, and experimental development projects will be funded.


Projects will not be funded if they:

  • Solely focus on non-plant-based protein production, e.g., cellular meat.
  • Involve collaborations with less than three businesses.
  • Don't meet criteria set by Innovate UK and PIC.
  • Depend on export performance or domestic inputs usage.
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