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Biomedical Catalyst 2023 Round 2: Industry-led R&D

General & Misc
Project Size:
between £150,000 and £4 m
  • Eligibility: UK registered SMEs.
  • Objective: Develop innovative solutions for health and healthcare challenges.

Key Dates:

  • Opening: Wednesday, 20 September 2023
  • Closing: Wednesday, 8 November 2023 at 11:00am


Innovate UK, a segment of UK Research and Innovation, is allocating up to £20 million to fund projects by UK businesses aiming at innovative health or healthcare solutions.

Project Focus Areas:

  • Disease prevention and management.
  • Early detection and diagnosis for enhanced patient outcomes.
  • Tailored treatments for disease alteration or potential cures.
  • Healthcare delivery transformation.
  • Digital health tech.
  • Consumer-driven self-care.

This is a competitive grant application process with an emphasis on commercial and technical feasibility.

Funding Type:


Project Size:

Total project costs should range between £150,000 and £4 million. Grants cannot surpass £2 million.

Proposal Elements:

Projects should maintain the highest animal welfare standards. They can encompass:

  • Lab-scale experimental evaluation.
  • Proof of concept or safety via in vitro/in vivo models.
  • Production mechanism exploration.
  • Prototyping.
  • Product development planning.
  • Intellectual property safeguarding.
  • Clinical utility and efficacy demonstrations, including phase 1 and 2 clinical trials.
  • Regulatory planning.

Portfolio Approach:

A variety of projects across diverse fields, technologies, research categories, markets, and locations are sought. Grant requests over £500,000 will be selected based on this approach. Those under £500,000 will be chosen using a top-down method.

Specific Themes:

The project can be rooted in numerous health or healthcare sectors:

  • Biosciences, advanced therapies.
  • Diagnostics, medical tech, devices.
  • Digital health, independent living, wellbeing.
  • Precision medicine, preclinical tech, drug discovery.
  • Therapeutic development, data-driven health.
  • Consumer and preventative health.

Research Categories:

Funding will be provided for industrial research and experimental development projects.


Projects that won't be funded:

  • Fundamental research or feasibility projects.
  • Unrelated to human life sciences.
  • Products already in the market.
  • Laboratory accreditation projects.
  • Those compromising animal welfare.
  • Projects dependent on export performance or domestic input usage.
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