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APC24: Industrialising Net-Zero automotive technology

Automotive & Transport
General & Misc
Project Size:
between £2.5 million and £20 m

The Opportunity

The Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) is giving innovators like you a chance to shape the future of sustainable transport and automotive technologies. In their latest challenge, they are putting forward a robust £20 million to boost the creation of net-zero product manufacturing and supply chains within the UK automotive sector.

Project Aspirations

APC is eager to background-breaking, pre-production R&D projects that:

  • Embody the UK's long-term vision for sustainability
  • Secure lasting R&D investment
  • Propel the design, creation, trial, and manufacturing of net-zero carbon emission vehicles

To be in the running, your project must hit these targets, bolstering the UK's competitiveness while amplifying its global influence.

Competition Mission

This challenge seeks to attract proposals that:

  • Reflect the UK's strategic intentions towards a net-zero transport vision, like the Automotive Council’s Roadmaps
  • Launch on-vehicle technologies and associated manufacturing processes that champion the transition to net zero
  • Fortify growth, transition, and stability of the UK’s automotive supply chain
  • Enhance digitally enabled or integrated UK R&D scalability and commercialisation, centred on decarbonising technology design, development, optimisation, and production

Focal Technology Fields

APC welcomes projects that elevate technologies in the below areas:

  • Energy storage and batteries
  • Fuel cell and associated balance of plant
  • Electric machines
  • Power electronics
  • Fossil fuel-free internal combustion
  • Hydrogen storage and management systems
  • Design for circular economy
  • Digitalisation for vehicle development and design

Evaluation Factors

Your proposal will be appraised based on:

  • The scale and impact on the UK economy
  • Potential to anchor foreign investment in the UK
  • Job creation or safeguarding potential
  • Upskilling or reskilling of the workforce
  • Contribution to the UK's automotive supply chain (upstream, mid-stream, and downstream)
  • The lifetime environmental footprint of the vehicle and circular economy models

Project Essentials

Your proposal must illustrate:

  • A clear path to market exploitation, inclusive of IP generated for the UK
  • A trustworthy consortium-led approach to the project, agreed in principle
  • Possible outcomes if the project falls short of funding

Portfolio Approach and Key Themes

APC is keen to back a range of projects spanning different technologies, markets, technological maturities, and research categories. You're required to pick the technologies from their list that truly reflect your project, ranking them based on their significance and impact.


Please note that the competition will not fund projects that:

  • Solely focus on the development of clean fuels
  • Do not align with the UK’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution
  • Request more than 50% grant for total project costs
  • Are centred on developing e-Scooters or e-Bikes

Are You Ready to Revamp the Future?

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