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Felipe Escandon

After working within the field of my engineer studies, I specialised into International Business, Management and Technology Entrepreneurship with a focus on Innovation. I have led teams, developed and implemented innovation projects in both the private and public sectors. In my current position I help and have helped many local SMEs to live up to their innovative potential, answer their internationalisation needs and therefore allowing them to grow. I provide technology companies with international partnership support, innovation advise and funding opportunities. I therefore believe I have the knowledge to advise Swedish companies whether it is in the field of innovation, business development, digitalisation, financing or internationalisation. I have delivered workshops and I currently deliver the Innovate to Success H2020 programme to SMEs.

I have also always been very entrepreneurial myself. For example, during my postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom, I co-founded a start-up. I led an innovative project in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) and successfully raised funding in different countries. Besides my work, I like to constantly educate myself and keep myself updated with the latest trends in the field of innovation, technology and marketing. 

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